Our-First-Event-Limerick-Community-Day Stevie G Jerky

Our First Event, Limerick Community Day

Ryan Garner

Saturday, August 13th, 2022 @ 12pm to 5pm

Limerick Community Day @ Limerick Community Park

Waking up on the morning of the 13th, we had no idea what to expect. Decked out in a Stevie G shirt, the first thing to do was triple check the car (which was packed the night before), pick up Jamie and buy the two largest caramel Lattes Dunkin' Donuts will offer.

We were the first to arrive, which meant we got the BEST spot, but also meant we didn't have any other vendor to "peek at". There was some nervousness followed by tension as the clock continued to tick. We finished setting up, with moments to spare while potential customers started to arrive.

All we knew is that we needed to get our Jerky into the mouths of people walking by, and that is what we did. With our set up of jars, tongs and labels we gave samples to anyone willing to try. It wasn't long before we had a line of customers waiting to try Stevie G Beef Jerky. The nervousness and tension was quickly replaced with excitement and reassurance. Family and friends decked out in Stevie G Jerky shirts, joined in on the festivities.

Stevie G, Ryan, Donna & Jamie sold 50 bags of Stevie G Beef Jerky per hour!

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