Our Third Event, Royersford Community Day

Our Third Event, Royersford Community Day

Saturday, September 10, 2022 - 10am to 3pm

Royersford Community Day, Royersford Borough, PA

Wow. What an amazing town Royersford is! We arrived fairly early excited to start the day. We were greeted by a cheerful group who kindly pointed out our spot. (after we passed it!) We think they gave us the best possible corner spot on the main road. Excitement built in the air as customers started filling up Main St.

Our very own Stevie G Team befriended a sweet little entrepreneurial girl, who was selling handmade jewelry. OF COURSE we had to buy a bunch of bracelets from her!! She even gave Stevie G a black and orange themed bracelet.

We had support from Family and Friends, who checked in on us throughout the day; Lauren, Ben & Aunt Linda to name a few.

We almost sold out of everything, averaging 81 bags per hour!

Ryan Donna & Jamie at Event

stevie g's bracelet

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